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5 Reasons to Book a Hearing Consultation

We have talked extensively on this blog about how we can easily take our hearing for granted, but have you ever stopped to think about how much we do actually use our hearing in comparison to our other 4 senses…? It is the only sense that is ALWAYS working. Even when we are asleep, we can be woken by loud noises, therefore our hearing never switches off. This is why it is so important to look after our hearing.


Most people visit the dentist every 6 or 12 months and a lot of people get their sight tested every couple of years. There are very few people who chose to get their hearing tested regularly. Hearing healthcare professionals recommend that your hearing is tested every 2 years and yearly once you are over 40. Keeping these regular checks means that any changes to your hearing can be identified quickly and any treatment can be discussed. Whilst we obviously recommend that you schedule regular hearing consultations regardless of any symptoms, we have detailed 5 important reasons that you should consider booking in to have your hearing checked…


1. Life is not the joy it once was

Our senses keep us connected with the world around us, helping us to form relationships and experience the environment we are in. Hearing is a very, very key part in this; therefore, living with a hearing loss can affect your relationships and cause you to struggle in social situations. Even simple things such as listening to music and watching television become less enjoyable if you struggle to hear fully. All of these things can contribute to a feeling of loneliness and you can become frustrated with life around you.


2. Hearing loss is associated with a greater risk of developing dementia

Studies have shown that the risk of developing dementia is up to 5 times higher in people with an untreated hearing loss. Your brain has to work a lot harder if you have a hearing loss and you don’t use a hearing aid. It is more difficult for the brain to understand and keep up with conversation which can lead to exhaustion and potential memory issues. Untreated hearing loss has also been associated with a higher risk of suffering from depressions. The good news is that if you seek treatment for a hearing loss, you have a significantly reduced chance of developing any of these health issues.


3. Your loved ones have suggested you have a hearing consultation

Hearing loss is generally not something that makes a sudden impact on you, it will creep up on you over a long period of time. Often, it is family members or close friends who notice a hearing loss first. Whenever there have been conversations around a hearing loss, the best thing to do is book in for a consultation which can give you a definitive answer.


4. Early treatment results in an improved quality of life

A study of hearing aid users found that 71% of them regretted not getting their hearing aids sooner. They reported improvements in their social lives, mental and emotional health and in their performance at work. The earlier a hearing loss is diagnosed, the sooner you can receive treatment.


5. Hearing loss is a lot more common than you think!

Sadly, hearing loss still has a stigma attached to it – back from the days of your Great Grandparents who had large, beige, whistling hearing aids. Hearing aids are NOT like this any more, they are stylish, discreet and technologically advanced. Hearing loss affects as many as 1 in 6 of the UK population! That’s roughly 10 million people… so there is absolutely no reason for any stigma any more!


If any of these things have struck a chord with you, simply get in touch and we can discuss our hearing consultation procedure with you.

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