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Caring for your Aids in the Warmer Months

This week has shown us that Summer is definitely on it’s way! It has been a gorgeous week of clear skies and high temperatures, exceptionally so for March! This got us thinking here in the office about how best to care for your hearing aids during the warmer months. It can be a tough time for your hearing aids, going from hot sunny conditions outdoors to potentially much colder indoor conditions, especially if you’re entering an air conditioned place. We have compiled a few tips for you to enjoy the warm weather safely.



We’ve often discussed the damage that water can do to your hearing aids so if you’re heading anywhere near the sea or a pool, remove your aids and store them safely! Unfortunately, humidity can often have the same effect as water on hearing aids so if you’re heading to a humid place, you should be careful to take time to fully dry your aids and give them a rest from the moisture. You can do this by wiping them with a dry, dust-free cloth and any excess dust / moisture will be removed.

If you do this each evening before bed, you can leave the battery door open (unless you have rechargeable aids) overnight and give any moisture a change to dry out. Obviously, perspiration is the same as moisture so if you’re working up a sweat, be sure to clean and dry your aids as discussed. There are various dehumidifying cases you can purchase, electric and non-electric, which will fully dry out your hearing aids.



If you are going away, you will inevitably end up going for a sandy walk across the beach – perfect for between your toes but not so good in your hearing aid! Always ensure your wash your hands well after touching sand before handling your hearing aids; the sand can clog your aids much like earwax would.



If it is a very hot day, you will need to be mindful of leaving your hearing aids out in the sun for long periods of time. When you take your hearing aids out, be sure to pop them into your case and do not leave them on a window sill, on display in your car or on a table in the sunlight. They need to be in a cool, dry place and not in the direct sunlight.


If you have any questions regarding caring for your aids in certain types of weather, we’d be happy to help.

Most of all, we wanted to say enjoy this Summer! Take the trip, and make the memories :).

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