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Everyday cleaning tips for your hearing aids

To keep your hearing aids in excellent working order, you will need to clean them regularly. If you get into a good routine from the very beginning of your hearing aid journey, you are much less likely to forget.

Hearing aid cleaning kit

If you follow our cleaning tips for your hearing aids, they will work at their highest level for you. When you first purchase your hearing aids, they will most likely come with a cleaning tool or kit. If not, there are lots available online and also on the high street. You can discuss with your audiologist which they would recommend for you and they probably have a kit you can purchase directly from them. A hearing aid cleaning kit typically contains small brushes that allow you to clean your aids effectively. There are often dry cloths and some special tools / magnets to assist with removing the battery, if applicable.

The 6 parts included in the 6 part hearing aid cleaning kit.

A typical hearing aid cleaning kit.

How to clean your hearing aids

The best thing to do first is to give your hearing aids a visual inspection. You will then be able to clearly see the areas that need cleaning as well as decide which tools and brushes you need. You should start by using a soft clean cloth to wipe over your aids gently. Do not ever use water or place your aids in water as this could ruin them. There are even specific antibacterial hearing aid wipes that you can purchase to wipe over your aids. Once you have wiped them over, you can begin to use the small brushes and tools to dislodge any ear wax that may have built up. Clean your hearing aids regularly to keep them in tip-top working condition.

Phonak moist cleansing issues in their tub.

Hearing aid antibacterial wipes.

Wax filter and dome changes

After your hearing aids are clean, you can assess whether you need to change the wax filters and domes (if applicable). We always advise that these are changed once a month to ensure they aren’t clogged up with wax as this could be affecting your hearing. If you are ever unsure of your cleaning process or filter / dome change, you can give your audiologist a call for advice.

Keep your hearing aids free of chemicals

We would suggest that you remove your hearing aids before applying make-up, sun cream or hairspray. This is just in case any chemicals come into contact with your hearing aids and clog up your wax filter, much in the same way ear wax can. This is the same for any visits to the beach. Sand can work its way into your hearing aids and cause real damage to them. We would advise you to take your case and remove your hearing aids before stepping on to a beach.

We are always here if you need any advice. If you are ready to start your hearing aid journey, you can book in with one of our audiologists here.

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