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Give the gift of hearing this Christmas

It is difficult to see a loved one struggling with their hearing. It is particularly hard to see this at a time of year when social interaction is so, so important. We are, of course, talking about the joy that is Christmas and we are only 6 weeks away until the big day now!


On average, it takes seven years from the time someone discovers they have hearing loss before they actually go and get hearing aids. Unfortunately, it is a long journey and the individual needs to be at the right part of that journey before they feel ready to begin wearing hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids in public is obviously admitting that you have a hearing loss to all those around you and some people do not find this easy. Your loved one may need your support and guidance to go and seek help from an Audiologist.


It may seem like a strange concept to gift someone a hearing consultation, however, if you believe a loved one needs help then you would be doing them a great favour. The quicker a diagnosis is made, the quicker that the correct treatment can be prescribed. If this is hearing aids, then often they can be fitted within 2 weeks of an initial consultation. Having them in time for the festive season to hear the grandkids in their nativity or carol concert might just be the best Christmas gift anyone could receive.


Sometimes it isn’t very easy to pinpoint exactly when a hearing loss begins. Hearing the TV a little less is normally a good indicator; if you go into your loved ones house and feel that the TV is at too loud a volume this could be a sign. Some people say they just begin to experience life a little less vibrantly. However, there are lots of different symptoms:

  • Asking people to repeat themselves often
  • Group conversations appear difficult
  • Telephone conversations are difficult
  • Having the TV or radio too loud
  • Conversations are difficult when there is a high level of background noise, particularly in cafes or restaurants
  • Social situations are being avoided

If you recognise any of these, suggesting a hearing consultation would definitely be a good idea.


We have put together a few tips for you to help a loved one at Christmas if you believe they are suffering with a hearing loss but are not ready to go ahead with a consultation:

1. Find a quiet corner for them – standing next to speakers or even in the noisy kitchen area is not going to be helpful. This will ensure conversations are heard clearly.

2. Try to position them so they can see as many peoples faces as possible – seeing the gestures and faces of whoever is speaking can help a person to lip read and understand what’s being said.

3. If you think your loved one is really, really struggling, we’re sure they would truly appreciate you discreetly helping them understand what has been said.


If you would like to enquire about our hearing consultation process, please give us a call or drop us a message. We can offer consultations in the comfort of your own home with one of our experienced Audiologists.

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