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Hearing & Your Health

Being able to hear is so important to your overall health. Everyone is always advocating a healthy diet and exercise, but being able to communicate and feeling part of a community is essential to a long and healthy life. Studies have been completed on communities that have the longest life lengths and the findings show that the longest-living communities always have a strong sense of belonging. To feel that you belong, you need to be able to understand and interpret the world around you. To do this, it is crucial to be able to hear.

As your hearing deteriorates, you slowly become disconnected from the environment around you. Without treatment, hearing loss can lead to isolation and even cognitive decline. The good news for you is that receiving treatment for hearing loss is now easier than ever. Hearing aids are smaller and their technology is more advanced than we’ve ever seen before. A lot of research shows that people who do wear hearing aids experience significant improvements in their quality of life.

Hearing aids help the wearer to process sounds around them as naturally as possible and some even filter out background noise. Your communication is more effective as you can process and react to sounds without having to strain to hear. As you become a more confident hearing aid user, your hearing obviously improves and you will become more confident in social settings again. Your social engagement will begin to build, therefore having a positive effect on your social life and overall happiness.

There are also studies to show that people in the workplace with a hearing loss who begin to use hearing aids see an improvement in their work performance. They are now able to keep up with the conversations in meetings, as well as easily follow casual office conversations around them.

After looking at these findings, it is clear to see that hearing is integral to your overall well-being and not just to be able to hear what is going on around you. Hearing is what connects us to our communities and helps us to interpret and engage with family and friends. If you are concerned about your hearing or you want to be proactive and ensure you are looking after your hearing, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer hearing consultations in the comfort of your own home where you are able to see the difference in the every day sounds you hear all the time, with and without hearing aids.

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