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How we’re keeping our clinic COVID free

With the COVID-19 pandemic you might be feeling hesitant to come in and get your hearing checked, or to attend your follow up appointments. We’re here to reassure you that we are taking every step possible to make your appointments with us COVID safe. We want to keep offering the best and safest care for your hearing so we’ve incorporated new COVID safe guidelines in our clinic that drastically decrease the spread of the virus and make sure we are all safe and COVID free.


What to Expect When You Attend Your Appointment

Before you book your appointment, you will be asked a number of screening questions to ensure you don’t have the virus. Where possible we are offering a triaging service where we will, in the first instance, try to resolve issues with hearing aids or other queries on the phone before we book an appointment. When you attend a booked appointment you will have your temperature checked and you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser. You will then be asked if you have had any symptoms in the last 2 weeks and if you haven’t, you will be directed to a suitable seat.

Throughout your appointment, you will be requested to wear your face mask or shield at all times.


Our Appointments

Before booking an appointment for a patient, we will ask them if they have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 recently. This could be a cough, high temperature or less of smell / taste. We will then only offer appointments to patients with no COVID-19 symptoms and who have not been advised to self-isolate. We will not offer appointments to any patient who has been in contact with someone with symptoms.

We do not accept walk ins and patients are seen strictly by appointment only. We are also employing a strict one in / one out policy.


Our Staff will be Wearing PPE Above and Beyond the Recommendation

For our safety and yours, all members of our staff will be wearing  disposable gloves, aprons and masks that are changed between each patient. Our Audiologist face shields are disinfected after each appointment. Some of our disinfection protocols go above and beyond what is recommended for clincs.


Keeping our Clinics Safe

The clinic is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between patients. Surfaces, chairs, equipment, door handles, taps, all testing equipment and anything else that can be touched by you is disinfected before and after each appointment.

Within the clinic we have introduced clear barriers where possible and will always keep a 2 metre distance from customers where possible.


Our Staff are Tested for COVID Regularly

Our staff are tested every 15 days using a SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test (Roche) to ensure everyone working in the team is COVID free. You can be confident that when you attend an appointment with us none of our team members will be actively carrying the virus.


We understand that these are difficult times for all of us, but we hope you will feel confident in visiting our clinic as we are trying out utmost to ensure we are being very safe for both your and our protection.

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