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Invisible Hearing Aids

You all know already that hearing aid technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the last few years. Hearing aids are no longer bulky things that are easily seen. Today’s hearing aids are small and customisable; some are even invisible!


ICC Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids, also known as ICC hearing aids, are exceptionally small and exceptionally discreet. The only visible part is a small wire which attaches to the aid and is used to take the hearing aid in and out.



The main benefit of ICC hearing aids is obviously that they are virtually invisible. These hearing aids are custom-made to fit an individuals ear; an earmould will be taken by your audiologist and the aid will be made from this. As these aids sit deep within the ear, they generally pick up less than wind noise than other hearing aids. This can often make a significant difference to a hearing aid wearer.



These hearing aids produce a very clear and natural sound due to their small size. As they’re so small, they don’t obstruct the rest of the ear’s natural functions. They also enable the wearer to detect the direction the sound is coming from.



Invisible hearing aids are comfortable and do not hinder the wearer in any way as they are fully custom-made to the individual’s ear. The majority of people who wear these hearing aids state that they can’t even feel them when they are in position. The aids are so small that the users can even wear helmets and headphones while wearing them.


Hearing Loss Level

ICC hearing aids are perfect for people suffering from a mild to moderate hearing loss. They are not suitable for people with severe hearing loss due to the small size of the aid.


Not for everyone

Clearly, these tiny hearing aids are not for everyone. Anyone who has dexterity issues would struggle inserting and removing this kind of aid so it is perhaps wise in that instance to look for an alternative. It is also worth considering that these hearing aids go through batteries faster than other types. As these hearing aids sit further down the ear canal, they can be more susceptible to damage from earwax so it is important to keep on top of the maintenance of them. Unfortunately, there are some people who will be unable to go for ICC hearing aids due to the shape of their inner ear. The ear canal needs to be a specific shape and size.


If you think these hearing aids are the type for you, get in touch and request our free samples* so you can see what these hearing aids feel like in the ear.

*The sample is a non-working model so you can get a feel for the hearing aid.

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