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Love Your Ears!

We all know that loving yourself is important but at what point does that end? Is there any reason that loving yourself wouldn’t extend to your hearing? We think not, so love your ears!

Hearing affects all parts of our lives; family life, social life and our relationships. Being able to hear well is also a key part of our overall mental health and wellbeing. There is STILL a stigma attached to hearing loss but today we’re here to tell you to love your ears!


A pair of glasses with hearing aid attached to the arm.

A pair of glasses with hearing aid attached to the arm.

Sight vs Hearing

Our senses are super important to help keep us on the right track in all aspects of life and most of us will think nothing of popping to see an Optician for an eye test yearly. However, hearing is another key sense but most people don’t give this a second thought and have never had a hearing test in their adult life. The only reason we can see that would make sight so much more valued over hearing is due to the perception that “only old people experience hearing loss”.  According to a survey completed in the UK, hearing loss is the third most stigmatising aspect of ageing.


A pair of invisible hearing aids.

A pair of invisible hearing aids.

Cognitive Decline

Unfortunately, by ignoring our hearing, we’re actually putting ourselves at a greater risk of developing dementia. There has long been evidence that proves untreated hearing loss can experience the rate of cognitive decline. Treating hearing loss early can reduce the risk of developing dementia by between 2 and 5 times. If that’s not a reason to love your ears, I don’t know what is. Once hearing aids are fitted to a person with a hearing loss, they report feeling younger, more empowered and closer to their loved ones. There’s nothing stigmatising about that!



We do need to mention at this point that looking after your hearing doesn’t start by suddenly having hearing aids prescribed. Self-care is an ultimate buzz word at the moment and we all know how important it is to take time for ourselves and practice self-care. Looking after your hearing is just another form of this. Loving your ears means reducing the sound through your earpods, wearing ear protection when the sound is rising and having regular hearing consultations.


A Veritas Hearing Audiologist during a hearing healthcare appointment.

A Veritas Hearing Audiologist during a hearing healthcare appointment.

Our Hearing Services

It really is so important to discuss your hearing health with a Hearing Healthcare Professional regularly. We offer appointments in our peaceful clinic and can help you with hearing consultations, hearing aid servicing, earwax removal and tinnitus therapy. We also offer ear impressions so you can have specially made ear plugs / head phones for your ear shape.

If you would like any further advice on caring for your hearing or would like to discuss booking an appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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