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Our Top Tips for Enjoying the Easter Weekend with a Hearing Loss

The Easter weekend is fast approaching and we are praying for some sunshine for those egg hunts! We’ve put together some of our most useful tips for enjoying social events with a hearing loss.

Wear your hearing aids

Our very number one, top tip for the Easter weekend is if you own hearing aids is to use them! Nowadays, hearing aids are your very own super computer helping you to hear rather than just a sound amplifier. They can filter out unwanted noise and help you to focus on speech. They also reduce background noise and cut back on distortion.

Hearing aids can be programmed with specific tinnitus programs to help relieve the symptoms

It’s hard to believe so much advanced tech is packed into these tiny hearing aids!

If you’re taking a trip this Easter break, don’t forget to take your hearing aid kit with you. This should include your charger or batteries, domes, wax filters and your cleaning kit. You don’t want to be caught short whilst away from home!

Pick your spot!

To ensure that you are in the best possible listening environment, you can try to improve the sound around you. To do this, find a quiet corner to stand – you will need to avoid standing next to speakers or in the noisy kitchen area. This will ensure you are able to hear group conversations clearly. You can also try to position yourself so you have visibility of as many people’s faces as possible. Seeing the gestures and expressions of the person who is speaking can help you to understand what they’re saying if you are struggling to hear. A good tip is to ensure you are standing somewhere with good lighting.

Easter Weekend Celebrations

Position yourself so you can see everyone clearly and are not next to any speakers for the best listening experience

Limit the background noise

You don’t need us to tell you that background noise will make it harder for you to hear conversation clearly. This could be especially true when there are lively egg hunts underway this weekend! When the background noise increases, we naturally all talk louder to compensate which forces the conversation volume to quickly escalate. This can be challenging if you have a hearing loss. There’s a few important steps you can follow to ensure the best possible listening environment:

  1. Ensure the volume of background music isn’t too loud.
  2. Leave the dishes until later. Clattering of kitchen dishes can create a lot of background noise.
  3. Turn off the TV. This sound can be a distraction from conversation making it harder for people to hear conversations.

Follow our tips and we think you’ll be on to a very successful Easter weekend with your family and friends. Happy Easter from all of us here at Veritas Hearing!

If you’ve been reading through our top tips and think you may be experiencing a hearing loss, it’s time to get yourself booked in for a hearing consultation. If there’s anything else you’d like advice on regarding your hearing healthcare, please get in touch.

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