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We know that many of you will be feeling uncertain and maybe even anxious in this time we are living in, where Covid-19 is ever present. Unfortunately, infection rates are creeping up once more and a lot of areas are experiencing local lockdowns. This week, we wanted to try our best to alleviate any fears you may have about going ahead with your hearing appointments at this time.


Our Hearing Professionals

We have a lovely dedicated team of Hearing Professionals who are ready to visit you in a Covid secure way. As a company, we have invested a lot of time into looking at our procedures and believe we have managed to ensure that you can continue having appointments in a safe and secure way.


Our Use of PPE

Since March, we have all heard an awful lot about PPE in the media with regards to the pandemic. This is something we are also relying on to help us stay safe. This means that any Hearing Professional who visits you will be wearing the following:

·         Face Shield: this will be sanitised after every appointment

·         Face Mask: this is disposable and will be changed after every appointment

·         Apron: this is disposable and will be changed after every appointment

·         Gloves: these are disposable and will be changed after every appointment

We also bring various bits of equipment to our appointments depending on the type of appointment it is. Every piece of equipment that is not single use is sanitised between every appointment and will only be handled when we are wearing our gloves.


What Our Patients Can Do To Help Us

We also request that during this time, all of our patients also wear a face mask (unless they are medically exempt). This is because we will be unable to keep a 2m distance during a procedure (e.g. earwax removal or hearing test). Once a procedure is complete, we will of course be practising the 2m social distance guidance.


We Are Here For You!

We very much hope that we have managed to assure you that we are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure that we can continue to see our patients during this very difficult time we are living in. Please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01214399432 / [email protected] if you would like to discuss any of the above with us or if you are interested in booking an appointment. We offer a range of services such as hearing consultations, earwax removal and tinnitus therapy.


Stay safe everyone

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