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Summer is Coming!

This week (in the UK), we have all heard the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown which should see all restrictions on social contact gone by June 21st 2021. This date is dependent on a number of factors that will be continue to be measured, such as hospitalisations and the vaccine rollout. This has given most people a huge boost this week, especially me (!), in hearing that we may have a lovely, normal Summer coming our way! When you say Summer gatherings, you immediately think barbecues and outdoor social events so we thought we’d offer you our top tips on getting the most out of your hearing aids at these events.


They’re no good in the box!

Firstly, and absolutely most importantly, wear your aids! Some people tend to feel a stigma about wearing hearing aids and shy away from wearing them at social gatherings. There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about hearing aids, they are just a tool to achieve something good. This is exactly the same as a person who needs to wear glasses to improve their sight. When wearing glasses was lesson common, perhaps 30 years ago, kids would be bullied in school for wearing them. Now, glasses are associated with intelligence and some people (with perfect vision) even wear them as a fashion statement! So, don’t be the person who misses out on what’s going on because of any feeling of shame. Wear your aids with pride!


Location, location, location…

With aids, location is everything. At social events, there are often several people talking at the same time making following the conversation more difficult. This is especially the case for people who are new to using aids. You could try to position yourself in a spot that lets you see the person / people you are having a conversation with. This will really help you to follow the conversation.


Come again?

Often, it can feel awkward to have to ask someone to repeat what they have just said or to speak a bit louder. However, we figure that it is more embarrassing to miss the context of the conversation! Be honest and tell your friends / family if you need them to be clearer or repeat something. We imagine after a year of restrictions, you’ll have a lot to catch up on so make sure you don’t get left behind!


Hearing aid tech

The majority of hearing aids today work alongside a variety of different accessories that can add to your overall hearing experience. Just like hearing aids, these accessories cover a wide range of capabilities and technological sophistication. If you feel like you could benefit from these, talk to your hearing healthcare professional at your next appointment, we will be happy to demonstrate how such things work.


For now, we have to sit tight and wait for the good times to come so continue to stay safe and you know where we are if you need us.

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