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What will happen at my hearing aid fitting appointment?

It’s an exciting time… you have just ordered your sparkling new hearing aids and now you are waiting for your fitting appointment to roll around. You may have some questions about what will happen at the appointment so we’ve answered some of those questions for you here…

Programming your hearing aids

Once your new hearing aids arrive, they will be programmed by your Audiologist for your specific hearing loss at your hearing aid fitting appointment. It’s really important that the hearing aids are working to improve your individual needs. Your hearing aids will be programmed for you in your first appointment, but should also be reprogrammed every 6 months. Your Audiologist will test your hearing at your 6 monthly appointments. They will then ensure that any changes in your hearing are reflected in your hearing aid settings.

Battery usage

Phonak Charger Ease for Lumity Hearing Aids

The majority of hearing aids are now rechargeable. This type of hearing aid comes with a charging case which your Audiologist will show you how to use. We think the best time to charge your hearing aids is at night when you go to bed and definitely won’t need them. You will then wake up to a full days’ charge the next morning. Your battery will then last all day, even if you are streaming media through your aids. It’s a good idea to keep your charger on your bedside table so visually you have a reminder every evening. It also means that you have a safe space to keep your hearing aids so won’t misplace them.

If you have opted for battery powered hearing aids then you will be shown how to change the battery. Your Audiologist will discuss with you how long a battery should last and which size batteries your hearing aid requires. Hearing aid batteries typically last anywhere between 2 and 10 days depending on how much you use them and what you use them for. If you are streaming the TV and all of your phone calls through your aids then it is likely you will need to replace the batteries more often.


Hearing aids are now Bluetooth enabled meaning you can connect them to your smartphone or other device. If you’d like to receive your phone calls through your hearing aids, your Audiologist will set this up for you. They will also ensure you have the relevant app downloaded to your phone. You will be able to control your hearing aids via this app. If you have opted for a TV streaming device, this can also be connected for you.

Cleaning routine

At your hearing aid fitting appointment, you will be shown how to care for and clean your hearing aids. The best thing to do first is to give your hearing aids a visual inspection. You will then be able to see clearly the areas that need cleaning as well as decide which tools / brushes you require to remove the dirt / debris. You should begin by using a soft cloth to clean your aids gently. Do not ever use water or place your aids in water as this could ruin them. After you have wiped them over, you can begin to use your small brushes and tools to dislodge any earwax that may have built up.

Once your hearing aids are clean, you can assess whether you need to change the wax filters and domes (if applicable). You will be shown at this appointment how to change these bits. You may need some further guidance on this at any subsequent follow up appointments. These accessories should be changed at least once a month to ensure they aren’t clogged up with earwax and affecting your hearing.

If you have any concerns at all, your hearing aid fitting appointment is the perfect time to discuss them with your Audiologist. You will probably find that your questions are common and easily answered. We offer as many follow up appointments as you need until you are settled with your new hearing aids. We are always here to help you with any queries you may think of after your appointments.

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