Let’s be honest, itchy ears are frustrating! You can’t just pop your finger in and scratch the itch so it can become incredibly annoying.


There are a huge array of reasons as to why your ears may feel itchy but we have compiled the top 5 for you. It really is important that you don’t put anything in your ear to try and relieve the itch as you could end up causing yourself further damage.



We have spoken here lots and lots of times before about earwax, but we’ll give you a little recap. Earwax is generated by your body to help rather than hinder you. Some people just genetically over-produce earwax which results in blockages. If the blockage gets too much, it can result in a full feeling in your ear. This in turn can cause your ears to feel itchy. If the GP advises that excess earwax is the cause, you can get yourself booked in for an earwax removal appointment to clear your ears.

Why do I have earwax?

An earwax removal appointment


Ear Infection

One of the very first indicators of an ear infection is having itchy ears. This may also be accompanied by some pain in your ear. The itchy feeling could be caused by either bacteria or a virus which is causing the infection. People who swim very frequently may develop a condition called “swimmer’s ear” which causes infection in the ear. If you believe you have an infection, you should always visit your GP in the first instance. They will be able to prescribe you some medicine to help with the infection.


Dry Skin

Completely opposite to an over-production of earwax, some people don’t produce enough. This means that your ears will become too dry and cause them to feel itchy. It will be difficult to know yourself if this is what is causing your itchy ears but your GP will be able to advise you. They may refer you to an ENT consultant or a dermatologist.



This can be caused if you’re allergic to something, such as the metal in your earrings or an ingredient in your face cream. This can cause your ears to feel itchy. Again, a visit to your GP will be able to diagnose this for you. If this is the cause of your itchy ears, you will most likely be referred to a dermatologist.



It would probably be the last thing you think of but allergies are actually a common cause of itchy ears! People who suffer with hay fever can experience itchy ears when the pollen count is high or if they’ve spent a long time in high-pollen environments. It is exactly the same for those who suffer with food allergies if they have been exposed to the food they are allergic to.

Will hay fever affect my hearing?

A high pollen count can result in ear irritation for hay fever sufferers


Due to the large range of causes for itchy ears, the most important thing to do is to visit your GP who will be able to advise the correct cause. They will then be able to prescribe you with drops or antibiotics or refer you on to a specialist. If you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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