Hearing Loss

Can weight gain affect hearing loss?

Hearing loss, unfortunately, is something that anyone can experience and it can’t always be avoided. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the chance of experiencing hearing loss. We have spoken many times here about the importance of protecting your ears from noise, but it may surprise you to know that weight gain can also cause hearing loss.


Health Impacts

There are so many different health impacts that weight gain can have on you and one of these is hearing loss. Serious weight gain can lead to obesity and there are some health issues that arise when a person becomes obese. Obesity can cause a cholesterol build up within your arteries which in some cases can cause blood clots or restrict your blood flow. Blood flow is needed by your ears to maintain their functionality and if this blood flow is restricted, your ears could suffer irreversible damage.


Clearly, weight gain does not directly cause hearing loss, but your chances of experiencing hearing loss will be significantly increased. Obesity comes with so many different health concerns, including heart disease. Heart disease is another disease which is linked to hearing loss so it really is a good idea to do everything you can to reduce the risk before it happens.


Staying Healthy

We aren’t here to preach about how to stay healthy but it goes without saying that having a healthy, balanced diet as well as keeping an active lifestyle can help to protect your health, including your hearing health. Unfortunately, some people just suffer with high cholesterol levels even if they’re not overweight. If you are unsure, you can always ask your GP for a cholesterol level check and then you will know where you’re at and if you may need to consider changing your diet. The reason for this is simply that not everyone processes cholesterol at the same rate.


If you believe you may already be suffering with a hearing loss, it is important to get your hearing checked by an Audiologist to ensure that you get the right treatment. Your health should always be your number one priority to ensure that you can live the best quality of life possible.


A final note from us; lead a healthy life but don’t forget to enjoy the occasional cupcake!

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