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Caring for your Hearing Aids throughout Winter

We are fully into Winter now and I’m sure you’ve all noticed the drop in temperature this week! Luckily for us the shortest day is upon us this week, and before we know it we’ll be basking in the Spring sunshine (hopefully!). We appreciate that hearing aids are an expensive bit of kit and people are, rightly, concerned about how to care for their aids in the changeable weather. We have put a few tips together to ensure you know how best to care for your aids in the bitter cold this Winter.



A super important tip for us is to be careful when removing hats and scarves. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed when removing face coverings this past year, it is incredibly easy to knock your aids out of place. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to lost hearing aids! As long as you remove any items of clothing carefully, and check your aids are still in place after doing so, you should be fine.


Battery Life

The bitter cold can lead to your battery draining a little quicker so it would be a good idea to take spare batteries or a charger with you if you’re going out for a long period of time. Don’t store any batteries or chargers in your car whilst it is cold as it could cause them damage.


Winter Activities

If you are partaking in Winter activities, such as skiing or snowboarding, we would advise removing your aids to avoid losing them or exposing them to excess moisture.



Sometimes after being out in the cold for a while, moisture or condensation can work it’s way into your aids so you could remove them when you are back at home for a short while to give them a rest. A good way of helping any moisture leave is by opening the battery door for a while, or if you have rechargeable aids, you can wipe them with a dry cloth. There are also hearing aid dehumidifiers you can purchase to ensure moisture is always removed. Always ensure you don’t store your hearing aids in any drying system that is heated as this could damage them. It goes without saying that you should continue with your daily cleaning routine of your aids throughout the Winter months.


If you experience any other issues that you cannot resolve yourself, or need more advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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