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Celebrating Easter with a Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, when you have a hearing loss, social gatherings can lead to challenging listening situations. This is no different at Easter, perhaps even heightened. However, fear not as we’ve put a few helpful tips together to ensure you can enjoy the egg hunts with the best hearing possible.


Wear your hearing aids!

Perhaps the most obvious: if you own hearing aids, use them! Don’t forget that digital hearing aids are more than just sound amplifiers, they will filter out the unwanted noises and help you to focus on speech. They will also reduce background noise and cut back on distortion. If you are staying away during the Easter bank holiday period, don’t forget to take spare batteries, domes and filters with you as well as your cleaning kit.


Improve the sound around you

One way to make sure you are in the best possible environment to enjoy some family time is to improve the sound around you. You can do this by following a few simple actions:

1. Find a quiet corner – try to avoid standing next to speakers or even in the noisy kitchen area. This will ensure you are able to hear conversations properly.

2. Try to position yourself so you can see as many peoples faces as possible – seeing the gestures and faces of whoever is speaking can help you to lip read and understand what they’re saying. It would be advisable to stand somewhere that has good lighting and nothing is blocked from view.

3. Ask for assistance – your partner or a loved and trusted family member will be more than happy to help you and repeat anything you’ve not understood discreetly for you. This can help you to feel more confident in the conversation.


Background noise

Obviously background noise will make it harder for you to hear, especially when there are lively egg hunts underway! When background noises increase, we naturally all talk louder to compensate which forces the conversation volume to quickly escalate. This will make the whole event noisier which can be challenging if you have a hearing loss. To make the most of these situations, you can try the following:

1. Ensure the volume of background music isn’t too loud – everyone loves a celebration but we need to be mindful of everyone in the room

2. Leave the dishes until later – clattering of kitchen dishes can create an awful lot of background noise to those with a hearing loss so leaving this until the party is over would be a real help

3. Turn off the TV – this noise can distract from conversation and make it harder for people to hear conversations


Ask for help

We know that the people around us may not always know how to help a loved one with their hearing loss in the best way so the best thing to do is to tell them! Everyone wants to have a successful and pleasant Easter time with family, this year more than ever, and anything anyone can do to make your experience better won’t be too much to ask!


If you or a loved one is struggling with hearing and you need a little help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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