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Hearing Aid Connectivity: How to stream directly into your ears

There is no doubt that in the last twenty years, technology has improved more than we could have ever dreamed. Want to watch your favourite show or listen to your favourite radio presenter while you’re out and about? Absolutely no problem! Download the show to your smart device and you’re all set. Download the radio stations app and listen on the go… it really is that simple!

All of this amazing tech has revolutionised hearing aid connectivity. Because we now have this amazing availability, we can stream sound directly into our ears. Yes, some people will do this with ear buds or headphones but hearing aid users can do exactly the same through the aids.


Connect your hearing aids to your device

Phonak TV Connector

A Phonak TV Streaming Device

Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to many different devices, including your smartphone meaning you can control your aids through an app on your phone. Most hearing aids have a Bluetooth 2.4GHz connection which means if you have any Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, TV), you can stream sound directly from them. If you have a device that doesn’t allow direct streaming from the device then you can use an assistive listening device (a streamer) which allows you to stream the sound into your aids. You can get specific TV streamers to stream the sound from your TV to your aids.



A personalised listening experience

One of the major benefits of streaming sound through your hearing aids is that you can personalise your listening experience; for example, if you are watching a film with family and you need the volume a little higher than them, you can do this via your hearing aids rather than having to turn up the TV volume and everyone having to listen at a higher level than necessary. You can even stream your phone calls directly to your hearing aids. It’s generally easier to hear the sound you are listening to when you stream like this.


Listen freely and easily

You will need to pair each of the devices you wish to stream through your hearing aid with your aids once you get them. Your Hearing Healthcare Professional will be able to talk you through how to do this and after you have done it once, you will find the process is very simple. You will then be all set to listen to the TV, radio, audiobook, podcast, phone call, and we could go on, easily and clearly!


If you think your current hearing aids need an upgrade so you can access all of the benefits we have discussed above, do not hesitate to give us a call. If you feel that you are now ready to begin your hearing loss journey, we can help to advise you of the best place to start.


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