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Hearing Aid Maintenance

It’s fabulous to be back in the office this week and talking to all you lovely customers! It has been a very difficult few months for everyone and we just wanted to say that we are back here for you and anything you need hearing wise; you know what to do! In this week’s blog, I wanted to remind you all of how important maintenance of your aids is.


Quality of Life

Firstly, it’s worth remembering how much of an impact hearing aids can have on your quality of life. Your interactions with family and friends can become so much more enjoyable and meaningful if you have good hearing. You will find yourself wanting to participate in more social events and always be able to follow the conversation.

We can’t forget that change isn’t always seamless. As with anything new in your life, hearing aids do take some getting used to. Some people find they experience sensory overload as they can hear so many more things and more clearly too. You will get used to it and more importantly, will begin to fully appreciate all the sounds the world has to offer!


Earwax Build Up

Hearing aids are definitely an investment and as with any higher value purchase, you really do need to make sure you look after them! They regularly need to be cleaned and our Audiologists will show you to do this at your fitting and any subsequent follow up appointments. The human body naturally produces earwax for 2 reasons; to prevent any foreign objects from entering the ear and for lubricating the ear canal. Obviously this means that earwax is essential for us, however it does sometimes clog up hearing aids.

We recommend a daily routine of carefully wiping over your aids with a tissue or dry cloth to remove any earwax. Sometimes, there may be a larger build up of wax and wiping the aid won’t resolve the problem. At this point, you should think about changing your wax filter. Your Audiologist will have shown you how to change this already. Don’t forget you can give us a call any time and order more wax filters.


Battery Change

Batteries are another part of your hearing aid that require some maintenance. Depending on the type of battery you have, how much you use your aids and what you use them for, your batteries will last somewhere between 3 and 10 days. Changing the batteries is easy to do and you will hear a sound when they need changing. We would advise changing the battery over a table or work top as they are quite small and if you drop one, you will find it easily.


If you are ever struggling with any part of your hearing aid maintenance or you need to stock up on some accessories, you know where we are and we are always delighted to help you!

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