A few years ago, the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) technology would have us thinking of the Terminator. Now however, we hear the term a lot in our everyday lives and have come to realise that a lot can be said for a little AI injection!


AI in Medical Technology

When we put AI in the context of medical technology, it has to be said that health innovations are advancing rapidly. As far as technology goes, hearing aids are pretty awesome! These tiny, tiny pieces of tech are absolutely jam-packed with the very latest technology, including many AI features. It’s hard to believe that so much innovation is packed into such a tiny device.

Hearing aids can be programmed with specific tinnitus programs to help relieve the symptoms

It’s hard to believe so much advanced tech is packed into these tiny hearing aids!


What is AI?

Simply put, AI is the ability for the technology to learn from its user or surroundings. It then provides a customised service or outcome. Obviously every individuals hearing loss is unique to them, so having the ability for the hearing aid to continuously shape their listening experience is a perfect example of how AI is greatly improving medical technology.


AI Technology in Hearing Aids

One of the ways in which hearing aids can use AI is by recognising a frequently visited location. It then automatically adjusts to your preferred listening setting while you are there. For example, if you visit your local café for a morning coffee each week, the hearing aids will recognise this and automatically change to a setting where it helps to block out unwanted background noise. The AI technology also allows the hearing aids to scan your environment for noise levels and will automatically adjust to your preferred settings. Amazingly, the hearing aids will be able to differentiate between background noise and the noise you actually want to hear. It can focus on the sound you want to hear, such as the person you are having a conversation with.

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Additional Hearing Aid Technology

AI is not the only technology that is packed inside your hearing devices. The vast majority of today’s hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This is so you can connect to your smartphone, TV or radio and stream the sound directly to your ear. You can also use this connection to your smartphone so that you are able to control your hearing aids via an app. Hearing aids can also have the additional option of being equipped with a telecoil. This is so that you are able to connect to hearing loops in public places. A lot of hearing aids also have the capability of using specific programming to help mask the symptoms of tinnitus.


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