Hearing Consultation

What to expect from a Hearing Consultation

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you really need to think seriously about booking yourself in for a hearing consultation with an audiologist. They will help you to find out if you do have any hearing related issues or if your hearing loss is being caused by something as simple as a build up of earwax. People have usually quite often experienced an opticians appointment and so know what to expect, however, a hearing test is most likely new territory for a lot of people. We thought it would be a good idea to set out here what you can expect from seeing an audiologist.


What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are trained professionals who specialise in assessing, diagnosing and managing any issues related to hearing. The audiologist will use a range of tests to check your hearing ability and then assess the results. They will discuss the results of your hearing consultation with you, and if needs be, advise you which level of hearing aid technology you should go for.


Your Hearing Consultation

Your initial hearing consultation will be focussed on finding out if you have a true hearing loss and the impact this is having on your life. This appointment will take around an hour to 90 minutes. You may be asked some medical questions concerning your hearing and ears. You will also be asked to discuss how your hearing loss is making you feel and your expectations of what you would ideally like to gain from wearing a hearing aid. Obviously a large part of your appointment is going to be assessing your hearing using a hearing test. This involves the audiologist finding quiet sounds and assessing whether you can hear those sounds when they are put alongside other tones varying in pitch.


The Results

If the test deems that you do have a hearing loss and would benefit from wearing hearing devices, the audiologist will be able to demo the devices that they think would be most beneficial to you. There are a range of options to suit every hearing loss and price range. We do always advise having a loved one, whether family or friend, with you as they often have seen instances where you’ve struggled with your hearing. It’s also good to have someone with you for some support.


What Happens Next

If you do go ahead and order some hearing devices, they will be fitted generally within the following 10 days and then there will be a few follow up appointments to ensure that all of the settings are correct for you. During your fitting and follow up appointments, the audiologist will help you with the set up of your devices, including pairing them to your phone / TV / laptop etc. Follow up appointments will be shorter than your initial consultation at only 30-40 minutes in most cases.


If you think yourself, or a loved one, may be experiencing some symptoms of hearing loss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to offer you our full support and advice.

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