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Why choose rechargeable hearing aids?

In recent years, a lot of hearing aids had a rechargeable option as well as the standard disposable battery model. Now however, some newer hearing aids are being released as rechargeable only so is it time to consider the move to rechargeable?


No more disposable batteries!

Rechargeable hearing aids will mean you no longer need to spend any money on hearing aid batteries! Hearing aid batteries typically last anywhere between 2 and 10 days depending on how much you use them and what you use them for. If you are streaming the TV and all of your phone calls through your aids then it is likely you will need to replace the batteries more often. Clearly none of this is a concern any more when you make the change to rechargeable aids. As there is no need for disposable batteries, rechargeable hearing aids produce no waste which is much better for the environment.


A new routine

Moving from battery operated hearing aids to rechargeable will result in a change in your hearing routine. You will go from remembering to change the battery to needing to remember to charge the battery. Of course, any change in routine requires some getting used to and you will probably need a little period of time to adapt.


Charge at night

We think the best time to charge your hearing aids is at night when you go to bed and definitely won’t need them. You will then wake up to a full days’ charge the next morning. Your battery will then last all day, even if you are streaming media through your aids. It is a good idea to keep your charger on your bedside table so visually you have a reminder every evening when you go to bed. It also means that you have a safe space to keep your hearing aids so won’t misplace them.

There will most likely be times when you do forget to charge your aids, particularly as you get used to them. If this does happen, do not panic! Every once in a while it is ok to give them a quick boost charge of 30-60 minutes.


Use a wall socket

The most ideal way to charge your hearing aid is by ensuring they are plugged directly into a wall socket. We do not advise plugging them into a device, such as a laptop, for example. You shouldn’t charge them in a room that is too hot either. Extreme temperatures can damage the lifespan of a battery or prevent it from charging correctly.


We would be more than happy to discuss rechargeable hearing aids with you and answer any of your queries. You can even book in for a hearing consultation and we can demonstrate our rechargeable hearing aids for you there and then!

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