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Woman gets surprise after having cochlear implant turned on for first time

When Andrea Diaz got her cochlear implant finally turned on, she got a surprise she wasn’t expecting. The internet has been no stranger to videos of people having their cochlear implants turned on for the first time. There have have been loads children and university students but the most popular ones are those of babies hearing when they’ve never heard before. The internet’s first real cochlear implant superstar was baby Jonathan who, if you’re a stranger to videos of people having their cochlear implants turned on, you should definitely see. At 8 months old he heard his mother’s voice for the first time and the sight is something to behold.


Turning it on…

In the video of Andrea, she is visibly moved by the experience when her audiologist first turns on the device, an implant that is surgically inserted into the skull. After bursting into tears and coming to terms with the sound she’s now hearing, her audiologist, who was also present, asked her how it sounds. She replies with “it sounds weird”.

Her mother tells her she loves her and they embrace. Asking the same question, Andrea just about manages a “It’s nice” through her emotion.


The surprise…

But even after that, Andrea was not prepared for what happened next. Her boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, got down on one knee to say “I love you so much and you’re my best friend, baby. I wanted to make the first thing you hear me asking you to marry me.”

Laughing through tears she manages a “Yes,” and “I like the ring. I can hear your voice!”. The video finishes off Ms Diaz is clearly overcome, saying: “There’s so much going on!” before adding: “I’m very happy. It worked!”. Andrea’s mother was also in the room and told her daughter she loved her.


If you want more of the above, check out YouTube with ‘cochlear implant first time’ for more feel good videos of people hearing for the first time. Don’t forget if you need any advice regarding your hearing, you can always get in touch.

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