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If you think you may need a hearing aid but you’re unable to visit a hearing aid clinic, don’t worry – we’ll come to you instead. We specialise in hearing tests and hearing aids at home for adults, whether you are looking for new hearing aids for yourself or a family member. The best part is you won’t have to wait for an appointment at the doctor or GP and can self-refer to see one of our highly trained experts. You won’t have to rely on someone else to take you to your appointment either, just the convenience of a home visit at a time that suits you in the comfort of your own home.

Our hearing tests are exactly the same high standard as one you would receive at a clinic. Using the latest lightweight mobile diagnostic testing equipment, we bring the clinic to you. Our HCPC registered hearing aid audiologists will put your mind at ease, offer support and a plan to address the challenges you might have with your hearing. If a hearing aid is recommended, we can even fit your high-quality hearing aids and provide any follow-up appointments at home.

We only endorse hearing aids that are Audiologist programmable which gives a higher chance of hearing the sounds that are important to you again. We don’t recommend over the counter amplifiers as they are not programmable and usually lack the technology required for improving your overall sound experience.

Getting hearing aids after the COVID-19 pandemic

We’ve kept strict protocols and procedures for sanitizing and cleansing set out by the British Society of Audiology, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Our highly trained experts will still be wearing PPE and maintain a safe distance where possible during your appointment to ensure you are protected.
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Our Hearing aids

We only use hearing devices of the highest digital quality. All our hearing aids are programmed by an expert Hearing Aid Audiologist specifically for your hearing. Any adjustments to the sound will also be made by an experienced professional, fully registered with the HCPC (The Health and Care Professions Council).
Depending on the style of hearing device recommended for you some can even be custom made to the shape of your ears so you get the most comfortable invisible fit. Our hearing devices all come with inclusive service for 24 months, all within your home. This means that as your hearing changes your aids will be programmed and checks are carried out to ensure the hearing aids are working the best for you and your hearing.

Invisible hearing aids

Completely in the canal / Invisible in the canal

Custom digital hearing aids that fit discreetly in your ears, no one will ever know you are wearing one. Perfect if your aids keep falling out when you are taking off your glasses, combing your hair or changing your jumper. Can be made bigger for people with limited dexterity but who still want aids that aren’t behind the ear.
Hearing aid package from £1795

Rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids

Receiver in the canal / Behind The Ear

Recharge your digital hearing aids overnight in a charging case so no more fiddly battery changes. These aids allow you to control your hearing volume, clarity and noise through an easy to use phone app. Bluetooth phone calls can also be made with your hearing aids at the touch of a button.
Wirelessly stream crystal clear sound from your favourite TV programs, so you can enjoy the TV again.

Hearing aid package from £1795

Hearing aids in your glasses

BC / AC Spectacle Aids 
Bone Conduction Glasses / Air Conduction Glasses

Digital hearing aids that can be attached to the back of your existing glasses or you can choose from a variety of stylish new inbuilt frames.
Perfect for you if you don’t want to have to deal with glasses and hearing devices separately with no risk of hearing aids falling off when you take off your glasses or face mask.

Hearing aid package from £2995

Which hearing aid is best for me?

You will first need to be assessed by a Hearing Aid Audiology professional and a number of diagnostic tests will need to be carried out before we make a recommendation. If hearing aids are recommended, we will show you on the day of your appointment how hearing aids can make a difference to your hearing. This means you will have a chance to try the hearing devices recommended for you.

First Assessment

Your home hearing assessment will include a comprehensive in-depth range of diagnostic tests to assess the level of your hearing and recommendation of the best treatment options available for you.
The test looks at the function of your outer, middle and inner ears and is carried out by an expert Audiologist.

Recommended Treatment

The Audiologist will make their expert recommendation on the best hearing aid for you and explain why.
You will also get to try the recommended hearing aid to hear what a difference they can make to your hearing and life.

Better Hearing

Our aim is to get you enjoying your life again through better hearing. It’s time to start socialising again with confidence with family and friends. Hearing better can reduce anxiety, loneliness and improve your memory and mood.

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Successful treatments at home for better hearing since 2011

Each of our hearing devices is personalised to you so you have the highest chance of successfully hearing again in the areas important to you. Untreated hearing loss can have a psychological and emotional effect on your life. This is why we work with only the most compassionate and experienced professionals providing you with the emotional and clinical support you need to get back to better hearing.

Did you know? 40% of people aged 50 years have hearing loss

In the UK, around 40% of people aged 50 years old and 71% of people aged 70 years and older have hearing loss. Up to 75% of people living in care homes are affected [NHS England, 2017NICE, 2018Action on Hearing Loss, 2018].

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Hearing Aid FAQs

How much do hearing aids cost?

A hearing aid will cost anything from £800 to £3000 depending on the sound quality and style.

Will hearing aids make my hearing normal again?

Hearing aids aren’t a cure for hearing loss but they will improve your hearing, making it sound clearer and high fidelity. You’ll find you’ll be able to hear conversations more easily than before which will make communicating with the important people in your life easy again.

I can still hear most things, why do I need hearing aids?
Hearing loss is a gradual process and sounds may disappear slowly over time. You may not even notice some of the softer sounds disappearing, especially those that help us hear the clarity of words. Your brain will compensate for the missing sounds making it difficult for an individual to recognise a hearing loss so often parts of your hearing may be normal but other parts are reduced.
What is included in the aftercare?

Our hearing aids come with a first class service so if you need help with your hearing aids you will always be treated as a priority. Included in your hearing aid package will be as many follow up appointments as it takes to get the sound right for you. Once you are settled with your improved hearing you can opt to have additional 6 monthly and annual checks for your hearing aids.

How long do hearing aids last?
We recommend reviewing your hearing aid needs every 2-4 years to continue to have the very latest technology. Your hearing aids are very likely to still be functioning in years to come however with advances in hearing aid intelligence you’ll find future technology will make the sound better and the aids more advanced.
Do I wear my hearing aids at night?
No, taking a little nap in front of the TV during the day is fine however you should take your hearing aids out before getting into bed at night. This allows your ears to take a break and gives the aids a chance to take a rest too.
Can I wear my hearing aids in the shower?
No, you should keep your hearing aids away from contact with any water, unless they are specifically classed as waterproof. Hearing aids are packed full of electronic components and if they get wet they may stop working and this may invalidate your warranty.
How much are hearing aid batteries?

You can buy batteries direct from our online shop here or you can purchase at our clinics during your appointment. For rechargeable integrated batteries they will usually last anywhere from 2-4 years before they need to be replaced.

How will I know when the batteries need changing on my hearing aids?
Hearing aids make a sound that only you can hear when the battery needs changing or recharging.
What’s the difference between private hearing aids and NHS hearing aids?

NHS usually provide larger behind-the-ear hearing aids which a lot of people may be too embarrassed to wear. Dependant on your local hospital some of the technology provided is also a number of years old and outdated. Our hearing aids are the latest technology, discreet and best of all there are no waiting times. Choosing to go private will ensure you receive a fast, pleasurable and hassle free service.

Do I need to see my Doctor before I buy hearing aids?

No, all our Hearing Aid Audiologists are experts in their field and are registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council). We will carry out the clinical diagnostic hearing tests and provide you with the best hearing solutions tailored to your needs. In the unlikely event that further medical advice is required beyond the remit of their expertise they will refer you to your GP and even write to them for you.

Why can’t I buy hearing aids online from you?
We deal with only high quality Audiologist programmable hearing devices which require an Audiologist to examine the ears and then carry out diagnostic tests before they can be prescribed.
How do I book a hearing test?

You can book a diagnostic hearing test by clicking here, calling us on 0121 439 9432 or emailing us.

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