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3 Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Life with Hearing Aids

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The thing that makes life easier with hearing aids is having a clear daily routine. Follow our very simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free life with your hearing aids…

Keep your hearing aids in the same place!

This is undoubtedly our number one top tip for keeping your hearing aids secure. Our recommendation would be your bedside table / night stand. If you have a case which you keep your hearing aids in, that would be the best place to pop them in at night. Obviously, if your hearing aids are rechargeable then you will be keeping them in their charging case anyway. If you don’t have a case then we would suggest popping them into a drawer so they are not loose on the side. If you do this every night then it soon becomes a habit and you are much less likely to misplace the aids. It’s important that you remove them before a bath or shower too.

Having a case is also useful for when you are out and about or on holiday. Another consideration is if you have a pet… Your hearing aids have a scent of you which will remind your pet of you and they may be tempted to try and chew on them. Before you disbelieve us, this has recently happened to one of our patients!

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Hearing aids could reduce the risk of developing dementia

Create a daily cleaning routine that works for you

It’s important to keep on top of cleaning your hearing aids. The best thing to do first is to give your hearing aids a visual inspection. You will then be able to see clearly the areas that need cleaning as well as decide which tools / brushes you require to remove the dirt / debris.

You should begin by using a soft cloth to clean your aids gently; do not ever use water or place your aids in water as this could ruin them. After you have wiped them over, you can begin to use your small brushes and tools to dislodge any earwax that may have built up. Once your hearing aids are clean, you can assess whether you need to change the wax filters and domes (if applicable). It is advisable to change these at least once a month to ensure they aren’t clogged up with earwax and affecting your hearing.

If your hearing aids take batteries, it’s good to have a few spare on hand rather than waiting until you run out to re-order. No matter the brand of hearing aid battery you decide to purchase, they all have the same sizes for hearing aids: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 675 (blue) and 13 (orange). Even if you can’t remember which size your hearing aids take, it’s easy to remember the colour.

Use your hearing aids ALL day

We know that there are people who only use their hearing aids when they are going out of the house or if they’re watching the TV. We are here to tell you that you should be using your hearing aids as much as possible! They are there to help you and the more you wear them, the more natural they will feel and the more benefit you will see. When you have your check-ups, your Audiologist will be able to see how many hours per day on average you have been wearing them for. Again, getting into a routine will really help with this. We would advise popping them in as soon as you get up and keeping them on until you go to bed in the evening if possible.

We understand that life with hearing aids can seem tricky to begin with and there are a lot of things to remember, but the best thing you can do is to take each day one at a time. Your Audiologist will always be there to help and answer your queries so make sure you take any questions to your appointments.

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