The top 3 questions we are asked about hearing healthcare

As a private hearing healthcare company, there are a few questions that we are regularly asked by our current and prospective patients. Consequently, we’ve outlined them here so you can check out the answers before you even think of the question!


How much do hearing aids cost?

Phonak Charger Ease for Lumity Hearing AidsThis is by far our most asked hearing healthcare question. We completely understand how much of a personal decision it is to go ahead with private hearing aids. They are not cheap because they are basically mini super computers to help you hear properly again. There are lots of varying factors that contribute to the cost of your hearing aids; whether they are customised in-the-ear aids, if they’re rechargeable or waterproof, whether you want them in titanium or if you want any accompanying accessories such as a TV streaming device with them. The best thing you can do is book in for a hearing consultation with an Audiologist who can help talk you through all of your options. You can expect to pay anything from £800 to £3000 depending on the style and technology level you opt for.



Is there a cure for my tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a sound that only you can hear. It usually takes the form of a hissing, buzzing, whistling or ringing noise. People who suffer with tinnitus report that it greatly impacts their daily life. It contributes to increased anxiety and disturbed sleep. It is estimated around 90% of people who suffer with tinnitus also suffer with hearing loss.

Tinnitus is a symptom of something else, and not the root cause of the problem. Therefore, this means that there is no cure for tinnitus. The symptoms of tinnitus can be improved by treating the underlying cause or issue that is causing the tinnitus in the first place.

As we already mentioned, the vast majority of people who suffer with tinnitus also suffer with hearing loss. Given that tinnitus symptoms are often alleviated when the root cause is treated, it stands to reason that if that cause is hearing loss, wearing hearing aids will significantly reduce the tinnitus. The hearing aids can restore high frequency hearing meaning the brain no longer needs to attempt to “fill in” for you. Many hearing aids have specific tinnitus programs to help with tinnitus symptoms. This is known as Tinnitus Sound Therapy Software. There are also a range of tinnitus / sound therapy apps that can connect with Bluetooth equipped hearing aids.


Do I need to use olive oil drops before my earwax removal appointment?

The short answer to this is yes. In preparation for an earwax removal appointment, you can use olive oil drops to ensure that the earwax is softened ready for removal. When you book in for an appointment with us, we’ll talk you through how to use the drops. We’ll also send you a video which demonstrates how to use them. You can buy the drops directly from us here.

If you have an earwax blockage or excess earwax, then it can cleared safely by a Hearing Healthcare Professional. This is done by using microsuction or endoscopic earwax removal which is a quick and pain free procedure.


We hope we have managed to answer your most burning hearing healthcare questions here. If you do still have any questions, just drop us a message.


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