Earwax Removal

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal: Now available in the comfort of your own home!

We have some exciting news! We are now able to offer endoscopic ear wax removal alongside our usual offering of microsuction and irrigation.

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

You can now book in for an endoscopic ear wax removal appointment with us in the comfort of your own home. Our lovely audiologists have recently completed the EASE course (Endoscopic Assisted Suctioning of Ears) by the brilliant trainers at Durham Hearing Specialists in conjunction with ENT Consultant Mr. Anirvan Banerjee and are now qualified to perform endoscopic ear wax removals.

What is endoscopic ear wax removal?

We’re sure by now you are wondering what we mean by endoscopic ear wax removal! An endoscope is an instrument that is used to look inside the body. It will be attached to a video monitor for easy viewing – this could be a smartphone, tablet or similar. A direct view into the ear is also possible through the eyepiece of the endoscope. The ear wax will then be removed in a similar way to microsuction ear wax removal.




What are the benefits of endoscopic ear wax removal?

  • It is regarded as being safe and could actually even be quicker, easier and more comfortable.
  • Difficult to remove wax can be tackled more easily than before due to the exceptional precision the endoscope offers.
  • It may reduce the risk of needing a follow up appointment. This is because we have a much wider view of the ear canal and eardrum.
  • People who have a perforated eardrum or grommet can safely have this type of ear wax removal.

We will be offering endoscopic ear wax removal at the same great price as we offer microsuction. We will still also be offering microsuction ear wax removal as usual, as well as irrigation if it is needed. If you would prefer that we use the endoscopic method, you just need to let us know when you book in for your appointment, it really is as simple as that!

Always seek help!

Please ensure that if you have blocked ears, you don’t attempt to try and remove any wax yourself. It’s tempting to grab a cotton bud or use your finger to try and remove ear wax but PLEASE DON’T. Most of the time this can make things worse. You will need to seek the assistance of a hearing healthcare professional who can examine your ears and remove the ear wax safely. If you are experiencing pain alongside blocked ears, it is important to visit your GP to ensure it is not an infection which is causing the feeling.

If you would like any further information, or to book in for an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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