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Face Masks & Hearing Aids – Some Helpful Tips

Now that face masks are compulsory in a lot of indoor settings, we know that some our lovely patients will be struggling with keeping their aids in their ears while wearing one. Luckily, our friends over at Phonak have sent us these fabulous tips to help you all!

Tie mask:

  • Make sure to tie the straps high up on your head and low on your neck
  • When taking off your mask, untie the bottom first to avoid knocking off your aids


Elastic band mask:

  • Use a mask extender – it connects the mask bands to avoid any contact with your ears. An extender can be made simply out of a paperclip, shoelace or some ribbon


N95 mask:

  • To avoid the elastic bands making contact with your hearing aids, place the top elastic band high on your head and the bottom elastic band on your neck
  • When taking off the mask, release the top band first and then slowly pull the bottom over your head making sure your aids are secure.



Another thing you can do to help is sew two buttons on a hat or a headband for your mask to attach to which will help your hearing aids stay secure on your ears. When you remove the mask, unfasten from one side first slowly by looping over your ear to avoid disrupting your aid.  You can then repeat this process for the other side.


We hope this helps save you from losing or damaging your aids while still staying safe and protecting yourself and others by wearing a mask. If you have any further questions, or need some more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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