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How can you help a loved one with their hearing loss journey?

Unfortunately, there still seems to be a lingering stigma attached to taking yourself off for a hearing consultation. When there is something wrong with your vision, you would think nothing of popping off to the opticians. Visiting an Audiologist is exactly the same thing and we need to move away from the view that we should be embarrassed of treating a hearing loss.


The hearing loss journey is usually a long one…

It is unusual for hearing loss to come on suddenly, it usually occurs over a long period of time very gradually. This can result in people ignoring the change to their hearing as it becomes just something they are used to. One of the most common signs that it is time to take action is that you’re finding yourself hiking up the volume time after time. Maybe others have commented on how loud you are listening to things when they visit.

On average, it takes a person around 10 years to finally accept a hearing loss. This is such a shame because hearing aids really do improve your hearing, and ultimately your quality of life. Hearing loss, sadly, can cause an element of social isolation. It can be difficult to socialise when you are unable to hear properly. Not only, social isolation, but it is proven that wearing hearing aids if you have a hearing loss can help to reduce your risk of developing dementia.

How to get used to your new hearing aids

Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia


Hearing loss support

If there is someone in your life who you believe would benefit from a hearing consultation, it is so important to support them. Do whatever your loved one needs for support; accompany them to their appointments, offer your opinions on the hearing aids they are choosing between, let them know that you are always going to be around for support and encourage them to strive for the best version of themselves. It’s also great to have a familiar voice during a hearing test so accompanying them to tests would be a perfect way to help. The first step is encouraging them to book in for that crucial hearing consultation.


Banish those hearing aid misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about hearing aids and it would be helpful to put your loved one at ease when they are thinking about hearing aids. We all know that the hearing aids of years gone by were big and beige and made a horrible whistling noise. Today’s hearing aids are not even comparable to these. They are discreet, sometimes even invisible, and super high-tech.

Phonak’s newest slim hearing aids are a great option for being discreet

There are also people who believe that they are “too old” to go ahead with hearing aids once they’ve finally realised they have a hearing loss. No-one is ever too old to do something about their health, particularly when it leads to an increased quality of life. We all need to enjoy each and every day and if hearing aids are the key to that enjoyment, there is no greater investment.


Taking your loved one to their appointments and just being there for any emotional support they need throughout their hearing loss journey will be so very helpful. If you think someone you love is ready to have their hearing tested, please give us a call.


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