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Making the most of your hearing aids this summer

Although Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been showing us her sunny side over the last week, summer is well and truly here. It’s time to get ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer; garden parties, the traditional British BBQ and even outdoor film screenings…

We have compiled a few simple but effective tips for you so that you can make the most of your hearing aids at events this summer.

Hearing aids could help to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Keep your hearing aid appointments

We advise that everyone has 6 monthly check-ups for their hearing aids to ensure they are always in tip-top working order. The good news is that if you purchase your hearing aids with us, you get 2 years’ worth of aftercare appointments included in the price! As long as you have kept up with your appointments, your hearing aids should be in perfect working order in preparation for the summer season. They will also be programmed to your current hearing loss.  If you are feeling unsure about changing your wax filter and dome, make sure you ask your hearing healthcare professional to show you again during your appointment. These should be changed at least once a month (unless you have been told otherwise).

Use the app

The vast majority of hearing aids are now compatible with an app which can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet. You can then control your hearing aids via the app. You will be shown during your hearing aid fitting appointment how to use this app. You will then be able to reduce / increase the volume, select different programs depending on the location you are in and reduce background noise. Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to set you up with a few main programs for your needs which you will then be able to switch between.

Wear your hearing aids with pride

It makes us so sad that there are still people out there who feel their hearing aids should be something to keep hidden away. Today’s hearing aids are not only high-tech but also streamlined and elegant; some are even invisible! Designer glasses are worn with pride, and we think hearing aids should be too! The benefits you will experience by wearing your hearing aids at social events is immeasurable.

That being said, if you are at a particularly noisy event with lots of background noise, you may still struggle to hear too well. If you are struggling to hear someone, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask them to repeat themselves. Never feel ashamed to admit that you are struggling to hear in this environment. It’s important that you speak up so that you can continue to be included.  Choosing a good spot is another little tip for keeping up with the conversation. If you sit / stand somewhere that you can see the other people’s faces, it may help you to understand what they’re saying.

Keep your hearing aids dry and safe

Ok, we know this is one thing we do mention a LOT… but hearing aids need to stay nice and dry to continue working! Often events in the summer involve water or humidity so it’s important to keep them protected. It goes without saying that if you’re planning on taking a dip, you should remove your hearing aids first and store them somewhere safely. If it’s a particularly hot day, moisture can work its way into your hearing aids so you need to ensure they are given ample opportunity to dry out each evening. There are some newer hearing aids that are waterproof up to a certain point and if your lifestyle involves a lot of water, these might be the aids for you!

Follow our tips, or send us a message if you still need some advice, and we’re betting you’ll have a brilliant, fun-filled summer!

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