Our favourite Christmas sounds!

We’re going to take a break from our more serious topics this week and discuss our most favourite Christmas sounds. We can hear you cringing away from the screen already, BUT in exactly one month, it will be Christmas Eve! It’s time to dust off that festive feeling…


Christmas songs

I think we would be hard pushed to find a person out there whose favourite Christmas sound does not include a festive song! There is always huge debate when November rolls around as to when the “appropriate” time to begin listening to Christmas music is. Well, we’re to tell you that if it brings you joy, any time is appropriate! Are you more of a traditional Cliff or more modern Bublé fan? Let us know!


Church services

Many people’s traditions still include a visit to Church either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Here, you’ll be sure to hear a few moving carols as well as a festive sermon. Don’t forget that if you are a hearing aid wearer, it’s likely the Church will have a hearing loop that you can connect to if you have compatible hearing aids. This will make it a lot easier to hear what is being said during the service.

A festive Church service



A lovely family thing to do at Christmas is to visit your local theatre and watch a pantomime. It’s a fabulous fun night for all of the family featuring perhaps one of the most iconic theatre lines… “he’s behind you!” All theatres put on a panto at Christmas and we implore you to check out what’s local to you and book yourself a ticket. We promise you will not be disappointed. It’s worth noting that most theatres also have a hearing loop system that hearing aids with a telecoil can connect to. It’s worth calling ahead to ensure they do have one before booking in.


Christmas movies

If you’d prefer to be snuggled up in your Christmas pyjamas on the sofa under a blanket (we can’t blame you!), then it might be Christmas movie time. There is a wealth of movies to pick from, ranging from the funny to the emotional to the dramatic. Will it be the family magic of Elf or the heart-warming tale of Miracle on 34th Street that you go to?


Snow underfoot

Perhaps one of the most iconic festive sounds is the beautiful noise of fresh snow crunching underfoot. There is something almost magical about waking up on a winter’s morning to perfectly bright white snow blanketing your garden. It’s a longstanding question here in the UK… will we wake up to a white Christmas? Perhaps 2023 is the year!

A beautiful snow scene


We are absolutely sure that we have missed some of your favourite Christmas sounds, so please let us know yours! If you are wearing your hearing aids out in the cold weather, please ensure you take extra care with them. If you need help with your hearing aids, or believe you could benefit from a hearing consultation, simply send us a message.


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