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Reasons to call your Audiologist

When you first begin to wear hearing aids, it will take a while to get used to them and all of the sensations that come with them. Once you are confidently wearing and using your hearing aids, you will become more familiar with when things are not quite right and it is at this point that you should contact your Audiologist.


Itchy ears

If you’re feeling a persistent itching sensation when you’re wearing your aids or when you’ve just removed them, this could be because your earpiece or your domes are the wrong size. A call to your Audiologist for a check up appointment can rectify this. There are also rare cases where your hearing aid could be causing an allergic reaction if you are especially sensitive to silicone or acrylic.


Sore ears

If you have sore ears, it is definitely wise to give your Audiologist a call. There are so many different reasons why you could be experiencing sore ears but here are a few possible explanations:

  • Your dome size needs changing
  • Your receiver wire is too short
  • Custom aids can rub causing a sore spot

More often than not, issues with sore ears can be sorted quickly with a check up.


Your hearing has not improved

We all know that hearing aids are an investment piece and therefore you should definitely be able to feel the difference in your hearing when using them. If you are no longer noticing a clear difference between wearing your aids and not, it is time to contact your Audiologist. There are so many different reasons why this could be happening, but your Audiologist will be able to examine the aids and settings to fix any issues.


Loud sounds are hurting your ears

If loud sounds are making you uncomfortable or even hurting your ears, it is most likely that your hearing aid settings need adjusting. A quick appointment with your Audiologist can fix this.


You are unsure about using your hearing aids

There is a lot to learn about using your hearing aids, such as changing the domes, wax filters and batteries or knowing how and when to charge them if they are rechargeable. This can all take a little time and patience to learn but you do need to be sure that you are confident in these tasks so that your aids are secure and are working to their best potential. You can ask your Audiologist to repeat the process of showing you how to complete all of these tasks during your appointments.


If you are experiencing any discomfort or issues using your aids, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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