The Coronation of King Charles III

On Saturday 6th May, at 11am, King Charles III will officially be crowned at Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury alongside The Queen Consort.

Here in the UK, we have an additional bank holiday to celebrate King Charles III Coronation and this will be on Monday 8th May. The whole long weekend will be full of traditions dating back a thousand years as well as some new more modern elements. Here is our quick guide to the main events…


Friday 5th May

It is expected that people will flock to London in their thousands in preparation to catch sight of the King and Queen Consort. It is not just London that is hosting celebrations over the weekend, so we would expect some minor disruption in towns and cities across the UK as street parties and festivals are set up.


Saturday 6th May

King Charles IIICoronation Day! Saturday is the day where both Charles and Camilla will be anointed and officially crowned. Countless dignitaries, heads of state, other royals and celebrities will be in attendance at Westminster Abbey. There will be a procession from Buckingham Palace to the Abbey and then back again. Charles and Camilla will travel in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach on the way there and then the traditional Gold Sate Coach on the way back. This Gold Coach has been used in every coronation since 1831! It is considered to be an uncomfortable ride which is why the more modern Diamond Coach will be used on the way there. Around 4000 military personnel will join the procession.

Once the crown has been placed on Charles’ head during the very traditional ceremony, trumpets will sound and gun salutes will be fired across the UK. Later on during Saturday, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will appear on the infamous balcony at Buckingham Palace. They will be accompanied by members of their family for a 6 minute ceremonial flypast. Aircrafts used by the UK Armed Forces on operations around the world will zoom though the skies of London. The stunning display will be ended with a performance from the Red Arrows.


Sunday 7th May

On Sunday, neighbours and communities are being encouraged to share food and fun with the Coronation Big Lunch. It is a day for celebrating! In the evening, there will be The Coronation Concert which will showcase the UK’s diverse culture through music, theatre and dance. The show will see iconic UK landmarks lit up with projections, lasers, drones displays and illuminations. Some lucky people won tickets via a ballot scheme to see the concert which will take place in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Those of us still at home will be able to watch it live on TV.



Monday 8th May

Monday is the day of the additional bank holiday. The theme of the day is giving back to the local community and volunteering in local schemes. The initiative is being titled The Big Help Out and there is a free app with the same name that you can download to find a scheme close to you.


Enjoy your events

Unfortunately, when you have a hearing loss, social gatherings can lead to challenging listening situations. Street parties are going to be especially challenging due to lots of chattering and music. That is on top of the usual outdoor noises such as traffic and nature. If you own hearing aids, make sure you wear them! Remember that digital hearing aids are more than just sound amplifiers. They will filter out the unwanted noises and help you to focus on speech. We would also suggest that you do not sit or stand too close to any speakers. It’s a good idea to position yourself in conversations so that you can see as many people’s faces as possible. Seeing the gestures and faces of whoever is speaking can help you to lip read and understand what they’re saying.


We hope you all have a fabulous long weekend celebrating! As always, if you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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