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Wrapping Up for Winter

The coldest, Winter months are almost upon us, and while that will bring some beautiful sunshine, it is still going to be bitterly cold on those morning walks.


Are accessories safe with aids?

With this in mind, we do sometimes get asked whether it is safe to wear hats, ear muffs and scarfs whilst wearing hearing aids. During the COVID pandemic when it was mandatory to wear face masks, a lot of hearing aid users experienced difficulties with their hearing aids while taking their masks on and off so we can understand the concern. However, the thing to note here is that face masks generally have elastic that goes around and behind your ears, exactly where your hearing aids are hence the issues.

As long as you are careful when putting any hats, scarves or earmuffs on, there should be no disruption to your hearing aids and you can wear them comfortably. Hearing aids are not the big bulky, beige devices that people remember their grandparents wearing in years gone by. They are now much smaller meaning even ear muffs can be worn comfortably.


Battery Life

It is worth being aware that severely cold weather can drain your hearing aid batteries faster than usual so it is actually a good idea to try and prevent them from getting too cold. It would also be advisable to take spare batteries or a charger with you if you’re going out for a long period of time. Be sure not to store any batteries or chargers in your car whilst it is cold as it could cause them damage.



Sometimes after being out in the cold for a while, moisture or condensation can work it’s way into your aids so you could remove them when you are back at home for a short while to give them a rest. A good way of helping any moisture leave is by opening the battery door for a while, or if you have rechargeable aids, you can wipe them carefully with a dry cloth. There are also hearing aid dehumidifiers you can purchase to ensure moisture is always removed. Always ensure you don’t store your hearing aids in any drying system that is heated as this could damage them. It goes without saying that you should continue with the daily cleaning routine of your aids throughout the Winter months.


If you think you would benefit from a hearing consultation, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can offer a consultation with one of our Audiologists in our COVID secure clinic.


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